Special Events

  • A New Form of Escape – Boise Escape On Wheels

    Posted by anik Dated: 1 March 2017

    Book Boise Escape on Wheels and we come to you!

    This game is designed for your special event, i.e. birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics, festivals, bachelor/bachelorette parties and much more!

    Maybe you want to host the best dinner party in the neighborhood! ūüôā

    Teams of 2-6 people try one after the other to escape! We recommend that each team plays¬†for a duration of 15 minute but this is your experience.¬†We can¬†customize the game for your needs! The game’s duration can be shortened or lengthened. If you have more people and want to put more than the recommended 36¬†people per 2 hours, we can cut your game to only 10 minutes per group. ¬†If you are hosting a party for kids and want to give them 20 or 30 minutes to play the game, we can accommodate that too, as long as it fits within the time period you book for!

    For example, if you are hosting a dinner party and have 6 couples over, you could divide your group into either 6 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 6.  That will require that you book the minimum allotted time of 2 hours. Each of teams will play the game for a maximum of 15 minutes, one after the other, creating a friendly competition and a great topic for the rest of your evening!

    If you were to host a 10-year-old’s birthday party and plan on having a total of 20 guests, you could also book for the minimum allotted time of 2 hours have groups of 5 people play the game for a maximum of 30 minutes!

    You can book online directly on our¬†Booking¬†page, under Boise Escape on Wheels.¬†You will need¬†to select the duration of your experience anywhere from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 6 hours (4 additional hours), then select your event date and time and give us all the information we might need to create your event, including which version of Boise Escape on Wheels you’d like to play!

    We now offer a spooky version of Boise Escape on Wheels called The Ratchet Man’s Revenge. The Ratchet Man has taken a dark and twisted turn for the worst. Rumor has it that he is a serial killer and it’s up to you to retrieve evidence to bring him to justice. Do you have what it takes?

    For more information, please contact us.

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    Posted by anik Dated: 1 March 2017

    What’s better than starting your fun evening with a mystery?

    Limousine Boise offers packages to organize your outing.

    Add Boise Escape to your route for the night. Check them out!




  • Team Building

    Posted by anik Dated: 11 March 2015


    We are committed to creating original escape room experiences that are one-of-a-kind, inclusive, and cater to a wide audience. Your definition of teamwork will be redefined and your mind will be opened to new ways to develop collaborative skills.


    We offer a different way for your team to come together. Your team will get locked inside of a themed room for one hour. Using their best collaborative skills, they must find keys to unlock locks, solve puzzles and riddles, and conquer the mystery before the time is up. Our games are immersive and will leave your team talking about it long after the event has passed! Analyze your team dynamics in a way you never thought possible.


    E-mail us or call us at (208) 375-7193 to book.
    E-mail us at info@boiseescape.com for more information.

  • Birthday Parties

    Posted by anik Dated: 11 March 2015

    What did you do for your last birthday party? Nobody else remembers either!

    Boise Escape’s missions will have everyone talking.

    Book your next birthday at Boise Escape¬†and get locked in a¬†room¬†with 2-30 of your friends (1 to 3 different groups at the same time). This is one birthday party idea that people won’t stop talking about!

    NOTE : If the birthday party is for children between the age of 7 and 15 years old, the group MUST book the whole room (maximum of 6 or 12 participants depending on the room) and be accompanied by an adult. In the event parents leave their children unaccompanied, a $250 babysitting fee will be charged. Infants may tag along with you at no charge ONLY if they are in a carrier, as the rooms are not baby-proof. Your group must also reserve the whole mission if an infant is present.

    We reserve the right to reschedule your group’s mission if you do not follow these guidelines.

    Please CONTACT us for any inquiries– it will be our pleasure to help you with your event.

    Book now to make sure you get the date you want!

  • Date Nights

    Posted by anik Dated: 11 March 2015

    This is NOT dinner and a movie.

    See if you and your significant other can work together and execute your mission!

    Show your partner you really care by locking them in a room with you for an hour! If you’re beyond the days of¬†dinner and a movie, Boise Escape is one of the best date night activities in Boise. You will work as a team to figure out how to complete your mission and escape the room. Perfect for working on your communication skills. Great for double or even triple dates!

    We do not provide the date, you must bring your own.¬†ūüėČ

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