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Puzzles, riddles, keys, and clues... you and your team will embark on a live escape room adventure with only one goal... GET OUT before your time is up!
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  • 14 Feb

    Escape games?

    Have you heard about Boise Escape? We are a locally owned and operated escape game company dedicated to making the best original games in town! We are always creating new and exciting games for Boise residents and visitors to play. You and your team have one mission… get out before the time is up! Do you have what it takes?

  • Wow. We have done other escape rooms, but this one is at another level. Really high quality. Kendall (if I am remembering her name correctly) was fantastic. She provided just the right amount of support to make this a really fun experience. Will be back!

    Feb 2018
  • I had NO idea what we were doing… I was so tired and took awhile to ‘get into it’… BUT, I LOVE how we all worked together and it was a ‘live/ active/ board game’ if you will! NO phones. You forget about the outside world and get lost in adventure! Brilliant! I would highly recommend giving it a try, even if you don’t know everyone you are playing with! Stephanie was great and explained everything very well! In a world of video games, THIS is a great distraction from work/reality and brings people together! LOVE it! Thank you!

    Jan 2018
  • My girlfriend took me here for my birthday with a bunch of my friends. It was my first escape room, and I really liked it! The puzzles were quite challenging, and we were on the very last one when we ran out of time. We would have had it in a few more minutes! I think escape rooms are a neat idea and a very fun way activity to do with your friends.

    Abe T.
    Dec 2017
  • We were literally down to our last minute when we cracked the code. It was so much fun for our team to work together in a very different way. We each had a piece of the puzzle and would not have been able to solve it without the entire team working together. Our group ranged in age from 12 – 49 – everyone had a blast!!

    Amy P.
    Nov 2017
  • I’ve done my fair share of escape rooms in the past couple years and this one was definitely worth telling others about. There was enough complexity to lend a great challenge, but not so hard that people gave up. We were definitely on our toes and had to work together well to get through.

    Sean W.
    Nov 2017
  • I took my husband and some of our friends to Boise Escape for his birthday. It was so much fun to work together to solve all of the puzzles that got us out of the room. We were all (8 of us) impressed with the clues and proud of ourselves for escaping in time. It is not easy… but it is definitely worth it! We will be booking for team building for our company.

    Kelli R.
    Oct 2017